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[ - Friends Only- ] [12 Nov 2003|09:31pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Due to reasons I rather not disclose, I am changing this journal to "Friends Only"...

- Kirsten -
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[ - Are you end? Are you my sweet misery?? - ] [08 Nov 2003|11:10pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Hahaha... This week has been crazy (not really). School work is boring and easy. In Math I have to enlarge this one picture and everyone says it's so good. I just have to color it and then pick one square and in large THAT one for an A. SS - boring.. English - easy. We havent started to read Mice and Men or w/e it's called. Corey is pissing me off b/c he's so greedy. From what Kit and Mike told me, He only said thank you once or twice his WHOLE party and he got like 300 bucks in money. Kit said that she had two cds of the same artist and she couldnt find one cd so she burnt the other one, and Monday he came up to her (didnt even say thank you) and simply said 'You Burnt the wrong cd.' In English he was basicly trying to get my to give him a gift. I DID get him a cd but I'm not giving it to him. Well I'm letting Mike listen to it and if he doesnt like it. I'm giving it to Corey. HE READS MY NOTES TOO!! That is basicly a envasion of privacy. I never give him my notes to Kit anymore. I mean if someone doesnt say to read it or not then I dont read it. Ya know? Anywho.. Today I saw TCM w/ Kit and my mom. It was gorey.. I didnt see much of a plot either. If you like gorey movies then be my guest to see it but otherwise dont see it. After the movie, Kit and I walked over to the Mall she got a CD (Kitties - Spin), a rubber spike necklace (the ones that look like glass), and black hair dye. I got a cd (HIM - Razorblade Romance) and Queen of the Damned (book)
Yeah other than that.. my life is boring.
- Kirsten -

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[ - Dream a Dream Boy your making me scream - ] [03 Nov 2003|04:43pm]
[ mood | amused ]

lol I'm bored. lol. I was reading my friend's melo and she has the greatest song on it. I love to dance to it. I know none of my friends like this type of song. lol. It's called "Dream A Dream" and it's from Dance Dance Revolution. I couldn't find the full lyrics anywhere so I had to type out the last part. My day was dull. I found out my test and quater grade in English. (Test: 98/110 & 26/24 ) ( Quater: 76% C ) The only thing I donno my grade in is Gym. I didnt have my clothes two times already this quater so, I have to make one up if I dont want a C.. It's ok to me. I just wanna pass. lol. ok I'm gonna go read my book ttyl.

Dream A Dream LyricsCollapse )

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[ - HA! I'm tiring of all this shit.. - ] [01 Nov 2003|08:30pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Guys Like That You're Charming

You're the girl most guys can't get out of their heads

Even if they met you on a bad hair day :-)

You just seem to "click" with everyone you meet

So even if a guy forgets about you for a second... his friends haven't!

What Do Guys Like About You? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
(and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

If that is so true about me then why the hell doesnt someone TALK to me?! GOD ::throws random things at the wall:: I HATE guys. And yes if you cant tell I got one stuck in my mind and he's driving me insane.

::throws a pencil at the wall for good measure:: stupid guys. lol. ::sigh:: oh well I can deal with it. I'm just too sick and tired of waiting for some guy to say anything to me and I when I say something I always say the wrong thing. I swear I will shock EVERYONE when I totally change...

I'll tell my plan later to the 2 people who read this fucking thing.

- Kirsten -
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[ - Does He Notice my feelings for him?- ] [30 Oct 2003|06:26pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I sense there's something in the wind
That feels like tragedy's at hand
And though I'd like to stand by him
Can't shake this feeling that I have
The worst is just around the bend

And does he notice my feelings for him?
And will he see how much he means to me?
I think it's not to be

What will become of my dear friend?
Where will his actions lead us then?
Although I'd like to join the crowd
In their enthusiastic cloud
Try as I may, it doesn't last

And will we ever end up together?
no, I think not, it's never to become
For I am not the one

::sigh:: Does Mike notice my feelings for him?

- Kirsten - </font>
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[ - Your gonna listen to me right now like it or not! - ] [28 Oct 2003|04:28pm]
[ mood | calm ]

More little thingies for Ashy ::laughts evilly:: RAWWWWWRCollapse )

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[ - Hello? Anyone there? - ] [25 Oct 2003|10:41pm]
[ mood | irate ]

Vampire Chronicles by hannurdock
LJ Name
Which vampire will make you?Maharet
Which vampire will break you?Santino
Which vampire will love you?Armand
Which vampire will hate you?Thorne
Which vampire will be your immortal mate?Jesse Reeves
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Don't Ask. It's fuel for my current Anne Rice/Vampire obsession.
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[ - Unearthly Loneliness - ] [23 Oct 2003|04:38pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

In my heart, there lays a blade.
It is always there, through all the day.
Tears it causes spring to my eyes
Refusing to believe all my lies.

Salty evidence of all my fears,
Notices no one my silent tears.
To hide my feelings, I attach my mask
And go cheerfully on my dull task.

To whom I give my heart away,
You ripped it out this dreay day.
Overreacting, I may be
But my heart is broken, cant you see?

Some passing looks and googoo eyes
Mean nothing to me, so says my lies.
To others, that may rightly be
But my heart is stupid, that is my plea

So I shall go on hiding my heart
Pretending to be, with love, so smart.
Will no one see throught this veil.
And free me from this awful spell?

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[ - Drowning Helplessly In Self Pity - ] [23 Oct 2003|04:30pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Strange...Collapse )
I already knew that...
[ - Kirsten - ]

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[ - Tears of Crimson With Dreams of Terror - ] [21 Oct 2003|09:35pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

::Sighs:: Hi,
A super long entry about my ""exciting""" day. Collapse )



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[ - Here I am with open arms waiting for my boy to come to me... - ] [20 Oct 2003|07:01pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]

My day was boring. what else is new? Lol. I might be going to a local Soup Kitchen with Dani and Krystal. Fun, eh? It'd be good for me to get out.

Mike saw Texas Chainsaw Massicure. Lucky bastard. lol He saw he would have called and invited me but he didnt know my number. haha isnt that ironic? n/a..

Anywho I'm just gonna put this song's lyrics up here b/c I love 'em and something I stole from agent_gecko. LMAO. I'm trying to beat Dani at checkers and I only have a King and she has three two. XD I just got one of hers. I'm a wickedly bad checkers player. And she just won. lol blocked me in w/ her two pieces. lol.
Dreams Come True Lyrics;Collapse )
Wicked Cool In-Deph Info About MoiCollapse )Well that was boring but it took a few hours. lol. ttyl

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[ - Wine Red Lips and Cold Cruel Tidings - ] [16 Oct 2003|03:52pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Heylo again,
Yes, I'm updating. Today was.. blah. Some parts were Fun and others were... blah! lol Well, In Computer we had a 'CUT' day.. (Catch up Time, stupid I know. her word not mine) and I did this stupid typing program for 45 mintues. I was pissing myself off. Lol. I keep getting flustered and geting like 41 words per mintue. lol My average is like 65, the highest I've gotten awas 81. today I got it. lol. Then in Math we did these EASY circumrance and area worksheets. I got to the 3rd one outta 5. Some ppl were telling me how smart I am. My mom said the very same things like night lol. ...That didnt sound right ::gags:: I meant when she and I were talking about stuff.

In Tech, it was blah. lol We were glueing the sides of our tower w/ superglue & this stuff that makes it dry like super fast. and I nearly glued my fingers together and I had this HUGE spot of glue on my hand, connecting my nail and finger. I bit it off lol! Then science, BORING. SS we just took notes, I couldnt find my hw. ::cries:: I already have a 68.5% in there. I SUCK. lol I also got my quiz back and I got 69 out 75. XD I got a fuzzy sticker ^^. lol it was funny. Then, study hell finished my book and wrote a 1 1/2 letter/note to Tina. Um.. English: took notes, and did a few exersices.

Last I had... GYM! It was HILERIOUS!!!!!! omg ::rolls:: We had to do these abb workouts as a group w/ the Juniors and omg.. IT WAS FUNNY we were all rolling on the floor b/c of some of the exersises. The only bad thing was that mr. Spinka (my gym teacher who is pretty young for a teacher and not bad looking) was standing not 5 feet from me when I was doing some of the exersises. ::blushes:: Then after the video, we had Frisbee tourniments.. WITH the junoirs. My group got stuck with the TALLEST guys. LMAO. We didnt even get one score. lol. then we lined up (2 lines) like tug of war and we high-fived everyone. lol. everyone was like 'good game!' and 'yeah same to u!' 'You played good!' lol None of the sophmores got a score. lol. ::blushes:: some of the guys were sometimes disracted... I wonder why.. ::ponders:: ^^ I gotta type something up for my "we the people" poster sooooooooo I'll end w/ an About Me thingie...

About Meeeeeeee Collapse )

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[ - Oh God... - ] [06 Oct 2003|05:24pm]
[ mood | curious ]


I just realized something...

I'm gonna die a virgin.. SHIT!

Yeah.. sry.. in other news:

- New Layout with New Icons comming soon! lol

- Scaned pictured of my doodles up here. Maybe ^^ lucky you???

- Chapter 3 of 'The Dream?'

omg ::snorts:: I just got snappleberry (juice fruit new flavor XD ::dies and goes to heaven with the gum) up my nose. lmao ::snorts it out:: omg that was gross.. ::throws the gum out:: ::joy:: I smell that gum.. YUMMY!! I love this gum.. lol. byee

[ - Virgin Queen - ]

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[ - Adiemus - ] [03 Oct 2003|11:42pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

^^ Today (& the past few days) have been boring. Baring my way throught my dull classes, with only a few friends to keep me cheerful. ::dies:: Is it just me or do teachers give you alot of work to go over the weekend? I mean like projects, I have to do 75 words in 2 weeks, I have a poster in American Gov't due next week, and I also have a science lab report (that I havent started ::innoccent look::) due this week. And Dani and I didn't finish this stupid "Constitution Scanger Hunt" today so I have to do it over the weekend.

Anywho, Sry About bitching. I'm almost dead with lack of sleep. Lol. I'm going to bed after I update this. I haven't made any icons, wallpapers, or layouts lately. I'm boring. lol. I had a nervous break down for a few mintues today. well twice acculty. I was talking to myself on the way to science and some guy asked Zack if I was talking to myself and Zack asked me and I said yes. Lol I'm such a dork. I don't care what they think. I'll be outta there in 3 years and HOPEFULLY and with GOD'S HELP I will never see most of them again. The other nervous break down was when I got home. I just started crying, and any little thing after that set me off on tears. lol
SORRY! lol I ranted again. I need to stop doing that. Complaining all the time in my LJ. Well, I watched Joan of Arcadia today. It was ok. Not like I was expecting. Lol. ::sigh:: My weekend's gonna be boring. I'm renting a few dvds tomorrow and spend the rest of the weekend watching them, working on my vocab., finishing that scavenger hunt, and TRYING to start my science report. Oh! I might go shopping for some long sleeved shirts and winter crap. ::joy:: <-- sarcasism ::clapps:: lol. Anywho, I'm about to fall on my face asleep so.. tt ya'll lata!

[ - Kirsten, the Sandman's Dream Girl (HA!) - ]

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[ - I use to be schizophrenic, but we’re OK now. - ] [30 Sep 2003|04:51pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


Yes I'm updating more than once every 2 weeks ::dies of shock:: lol I found the cutest shirts but their for sale in the UK and their like 30 bucks each.. but their still cute ^^ lol I got some of the phrases off of them and I am printing them out for my notebooks/ whatevers. lol. I downloaded a shit load of fonts a few days ago so I make each phrase a new font and it's awesome.

Here are the ones I printed out:

I use to be schizophrenic, but were OK now.
Im not your type, I have a pulse!
Please, keep talking. I need to sleep
Too many freaks, not enough circuses.
I want it all and I want it NO W !
You! Off my planet!!
I m going nucking futs!
Yuck FOU!
You say Im a bitch like its a bad thing?
Whatever it is, Dont Blame Me!
I have an Attitude and Know how to use it!
Im not weird. Im special.
Just smile and say:
Yes, Mistress.

::cracks up:: those are so funny.. ::nods:: lol After dad finishes moving, I'll prolly go to Walmart.. yeah know get normal stuff: Cotton balls, Shampoo, Conditioner, lip gloss, latch for my door, and maybe a bunch of blank cds. ^^ yeppers. I'm trying to get dad to buy Finding Nemo. I MIGHT get either The Murderdolls or Evansence CD.. I might just ask Kit if I can burn a copy.. or if she can burn me a copy. lmao. The last time I bought a cd it was when Meteora (Linkin Park) came out. lmao. I also bought The Donnas w/ it. ::dies:: lol anywho.. guess what!!

lmao. It was Hawaiian Day for Spirit Week at school. ::gags:: Lol ^_^ ::yawns:: I'm trying to think of what I need from walmart while I'm there. I wanna get some new earrings. Black or Silver. Lol. Yes I have an obsession with the black. Maybe I can find those plastic leis I want some for my room. lmao. I'm strange! lol The only one I have in my room is purple and I got it when I first saw my cousin/ distant relitive up here. It was her birthday party. Lol well I'm gonna go listen to somemore of The Murderdolls' songs from amazon to see if I want to get their CD. TTYL!!

[ - The Almight (lei'd) President of Kirstenland - ]
P.S. NEWS UPDATE!!! In Hawaii May 1st is celebrated as Lei Day and leis are worn and exchanged. MWHAHAHAHAHA ::gets evil thoughts:: ::holds up a sign that says 'Save Me From the Rabid Hamsters!'::

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Ughh [28 Sep 2003|06:01pm]
(6) Not doing the Dishes...
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[ - Will you watch for me by the moonlight? - ] [28 Sep 2003|03:46pm]
[ mood | numb ]

::yawns:: I just finished some of my homework. A Poster that's due monday and 25 outta 75 definitions that arent due until 10/8. But 75 words are alot to define in one night. so I have to do at least some before then. I also have a science lab report due 10/9. crap, that's gonna be hell. lol. I hate writing essays or reports. I suck at 'em so. Yeah. Anywho, I' mstarting to get a headache. crap. lol.
Well, my weekend was boring.Saturday night I went to Borders, Burger King, and Barns and Noble with my parents. I got 2 books and 1 manga. The books were The Scarlet Letter and The Vampire Lestat. I'm reading The Scarlet Letter of my own free will and I'm starting to regret it. My mom is all trying to ""bond"" with me on it. The whole point of me wanting to read the book is to enjoy it, not to have her bugging me about reading or saying how great it is that I'm reading it now. It just bugs the shit outta me.
Anywho, the manga I got is called 'Death at death's door'. Funny name, It's a really cool gothic manga. It's based on another manga by DC Comics. I honestly hate DC Comics. They were the publisher for all the superman, wonder woman, etc type of comics and I dispise those types. Anywho the manga that mine is based on its called 'The Sandman' It's about this guy who goes back to hell to get his girlfriend (he sent her there b/c she deifed him) and he found that Lucifer was tired of hell and made the guy cut off his wings and Lucifer gave him the key and all these gods come to hell, wanting it. and my manga is what happens with all the dead ppl that were in hell, they had no where to go so they went to Death's house and Death has a party until her brother (the guy who went to get his g/f) disides what to do with hell. It's was cool. Lol
I also saw 2 mangas that looked pretty good. I read a bit of both. The First one I saw was called 'Shutter Box' or something. and it was about this girl who was made an exchange student in a school for dead ppl who are trained to become muses until they are reborn. It's pretty cool. The another one was called 'Vampire Games' and it is about how this great King had this battle with the Vampire King and they both died and the Vampire King was reborn in the body of a cat and was looking for the recurnation of the Great King. And the Great King's great granddaughter picked up the cat and made him her pet. I might get it next month.. maybe. lol oh well..
God. Mom gets on my nerves. She's yelling at me because I didn't take my laundry downstairs. I mean COME ON! couldnt she do it? I'm on a break from doing my hw. oh well. I better clean my room before she yells at me about THAT too. So far today she's yelled at me about (1) not getting ready for breakfast fast enought (2) Not doing my homework/waiting until the day before to do my h/w (3) not cleaning my room (4) Having my clean (stuff) on the floor of my room (5) not taking my laundry downstairs. See what I have to put up with all day, everyday? god. I seriously cant wait until I'm 18. I will move to TN and share a dorm/apartment with Tina or Ashley. and get AWAY from my parents.. anywho. I'm gonna go.. ttyl
- The Lizard Queen -
P.S. dont ask about that ::points to the last line:: Inside Joke.

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The Dream (part two) [26 Sep 2003|04:18pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

The Dream?: Part Two

Kia shot straight up in her bed, suddenly regretting it by the sun raises light blinding her. After she blinded away the light and spots, she saw her normal comforting room. Her room was pretty strange, it had dark blue walls and a few posters of movies and bands that share the wall with hanging necklaces and printed pictures taped up in random places. Kia frowned lightly as she remembered her dream. Thousands of questions burst into her head, but all she said was Why? What?. Just then she noticed the necklace on the table nearest to her bed. It was of the Egyptian sign of life, the ankh. It was a beautiful, yet simple necklace, the only odd thing was that the chain looked too thin to hold the unusually thick charm. She also noticed the raised hieroglyphics on the charm. Not knowing the ancient language she didnt think to much about it.

Muttering to herself, she crawled out of bed and stumbled down the hall, into the tiny bathroom. There she splashed water on her face and brushed her teeth, while busying her mind with what to wear, what she had to bring to school, if her cd player had batteries, and if she had any more homework or projects not done. After she had gotten dressed in a simple silk shirt with flowing sleeves and clean jeans she brushed her hair, put on the unusual necklace with her normal ankh earrings. With one last glance at the clock, she grabbed her key, lunch money, and cd player, which already had a cd in it.

Kia ran out the door and stood at the bus stop, finally letting herself think about her dream. She wondered why he had appeared in her dreams. He often haunted her daydreams but none of them have ever been that real. She sighed as she remembered his touch. Shaking her head, she snapped out of her longings and got onto the bus, which had just arrived. After sitting in her normal seat, Kia turned on her cd player and blocked out everyone on her bus, but it didnt block her thoughts.

Kia racked her brain trying to think of why the dream felt so real, but the little voice in the back of her head said, Dont tell me you already forgot about Luke. You were going out for 4 days! You guys didnt even TALK! I mean come on, you are CLEARLY starving for a guys touch so why are you killing your brain over this? So what it the dream felt real? It was just that, a dream. Try getting your head outta your books and daydreams and actually interact with guys! THATS what your dream was trying to tell you. Its that simple. Kia replied Well.. I guess your right.. Just then the bus stopped at the school and interrupted her conversation with herself. Avoiding the certain guy she hated, she walked off the bus and to her homeroom. Kia smiled as she walked in, seeing one of her friends. She just sat down and watched the announcements, wondering what kind of new intro they were doing today, and trying not to stare at the back of the guy in front of her s head. You cannot like him, she told herself. He only likes preppy girls and just brushed the urge from her mind. Just then her homeroom teacher called her up. Since you have good grades and one of your teachers recommended you. The office has asked you to show a new student around, of coarse youd have a pass for being late. What do you say? her teacher said. Wow.. I mean Sure Id love too. Kia replied, wondering if the new kid would be a guy or girl. After homeroom, she just cleared her mind until second period.

In second period, Kia spilled all the details of her dream to her best friend, Lorana. .. and when I woke up I found this, she pointed to her ankh necklace. I just find it strange that it matches my earrings and key chain and right after that Egyptian theme-ed dream.
Hmmm Lorana said. I think its strange. You should wait until tonight to see if you dream anything else. Maybe your brain is giving you a warning or hint about something important.
Yeah. I think I will wait.. thanks Kia flashed her a bright smile. Jesus loves you she said as she laughed. Lorana just groaned and said Shove it up your a**, Kia. Both of the girls laughed as the bell rang and they rushed to their seats.

The rest of the day flew by fast, Kia barely noticed it go by except when she saw the cutest guy, he was wearing a Gratefully Dead Tee shirt, black pants, and his black hair was slicked back in the best way. Kia held his gaze when they locked eyes in the hall, she even had a slightly mischievous smirk on her face. Kia smiles inside at herself for not duck her head and blushing. Your getting better the voice in her head said.
Soon it was the end of the day and she was on the bus home, worrying about her homework. A few times a couple 8th and 7th graders that she knew talked to her. She basically just thought about how she was gonna waste the next day. Sighing, she got off the bus and walked into her house, throwing her book bag onto the couch and laid down, accidentally falling asleep
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The Dream (part one) [26 Sep 2003|04:17pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

The Dream?

A girl, whos black hair was in many tiny braids, runs down a temple hall. The torches on the walls burn very brightly, unusually bright. The columns flying past as her light linen dress flaps in the wind. The girl runs, breathing hard, like shes searching for something. She stops as she comes to the end of the hall. A statue of Iris towers over her, the girl notices one of her friends kneeling in front of the statue. She slowly walks to her friend, placing a hand on her friends shoulder, she says,
I thought you were still back home..

The girl gasps as she realizes her friend was made of cold stone. Her eyes look up at the statue, looking for some kind of sign that this wasnt true, that her life-long friend wasnt made of cold, unfeeling marble. Automatically she steps back, unknowingly into a huge black pit. The girl thinks,
oh dear irisIm going to join Osiris in the underworld...
Suddenly, the girl lands on something soft
What the...

The girl looks at what she landed on and where she was. She landed on sacks full of foreign sheeps wool.
Thats strange.. Sheep dont live in here.. Where did this come from? And where am I?
She looks around and notices shes in a cave room where the walls are unusually smoothened and empty. She also notices that there is a tunnel leading out of the room.
I guess I should look down there.. It doesnt look like Im going to get out of this room any other way

So the girl walks down the tunnel, which looks almost the same as the room she was just in. Just when her legs were getting tired, she came upon a room with a male chained up to the wall. The girl gasps and rushes over to the male, wondering why hes chained up to the wall. She gasps again as she realizes the male was one of her close friends.
What is going on?!

She pulls a pin from her dress and picks the locks that held the chains. While helping her unconscious friend to the room with the sacks, she stagers under the weight. Soon, shes walking about down through the second room. After a few minutes, she walks into a room shinning with the reflection of light off gold, once she gets used to the bright reflection she see a room full to the ceiling with gold jewelry, shields, swords, and anything else you can begin to imagine.

In the center of the room she spys a throne with a guy wearing the Pharaohs outfit. She is frozen to that spot from the guys starling blue slightly Asian eyes. She notices the regal way his jet-black hair falls onto his well built uncovered shoulders. Her eyes trail down to his strong legs ending with golden sandals on his feet. Her eyes flick back into their eye lock. Her heart pounds.
What is he going to do? Is he going to hurt me? Did he chain up my friend?
She franticly thinks.

The living god (the guy) smiles friendly and rises,
Dont worry. I wont hurt you. I wouldnt even dream of hurting you.
He slowly but royally walks up to her. He wraps his arms around her and murmurs into her ear as she melts into his arms. You are safe now, my love

Suddenly Kia jolts up from her bed and thinks
Wow... that was the weirdest dream I have ever had...
she trails off when she notices a golden Egyptian necklace laying next to her bed..

Was it real? Or not?

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[ - All this noise is what keeps me from making a mess -] [26 Sep 2003|04:13pm]
[ mood | high ]

Hey!Before you go all pycho on me for listening to Hilary Duff, I just wanna say that I only listen to a few (as in 2 or 3) songs by her and so what if I listen to her? I like all MOST Music types. lol. Anywho, the next two posts will be the first part and second part of the story I'm writing that alot of people like, if you read it. Please give me a honest opinion of it. I want to inprove on my writing. lol.
Ooo Me so CORNY!
lmao. Sry It's a shirt from yumpop.com it's so cute. It says that and has a stalk of corn with a face on it. anywho I'm gonna put the story here now.. lol - The Girl That Listens To Her Voices -

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